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Guest Prof. Baltazar


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Guest Prof. Baltazar

Vet ikke helt hvor jeg skal plassere denne meldingen som jeg fant på Overgrow, men den passer kanskje her?


Warning! Emery Customers may be in DANGER!

It appears as though the DEA is probably posing as Marc Emery and asking 200-300 seed customers to confirm their orders. If you ordered from Marc Emery seeds during May, June, July then be very very careful and safe. Do not confirm your order if you get a letter!



"You may be in danger." That's the message from Emery Seeds, the now-defunct marijuana seed distribution owned by pot activist MARC EMERY, who now faces extradition to the U.S. after being arrested at the request of the American Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA ) in July.

EMERY's physical seed shop was raided and shut down. Now, staff at Emery Seeds say anyone who's ever bought from the online retailer had better beware: the DEA might be looking for them. "We feel very strongly that this is Law Enforcement trying to sweep up a lot of our customers, many whom are growers," said JODIE GIESZ of emeryseeds.com.

According to GIESZ, approximately 200 to 300 seed orders sent out in June were likely intercepted by the DEA. She said she believes the DEA is now trying to "trick" those buyers into admitting they requested the contraband seeds by sending them a "fake" letter, which purports to be from the distribution company and asks recipients to confirm their order.

GIESZ said responding to this letter and confirming any order would be tantamount to an admission of guilt, but reassured customers Emery Seeds had protected its clients and nothing the DEA seized from the company's headquarters -- records of outgoing orders, for example -- implied clients listed were actually requesting the contraband seeds.

"( The DEA ) can't prove that pieces of mail are seed orders," she said. "What they can do is send their own mail to all of those addresses, with a letter included posing as Marc Emery Direct."

By press time, neither the Vancouver Police Department nor the DEA had returned calls for comment.

EMERY isn't giving up. On Sunday, he posted the following message of defiance on his Cannabis Culture website: "If Canada becomes prohibition free, then American prohibition will fall. But if the United States government is allowed to triumph with intimidation, blackmail and increased arrests in Canada, stifling our progress, sending Canada backwards, then liberation for all North America is that much more elusive. Please help us, MARC EMERY."

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