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Traveling Through Europe Without a Vape Pen

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I've been planning a trip through Europe for a little bit now and I obviously can't bring any of my vape pens from the U.S. I am staying with a friend in Brighton, England for a week at the beginning of my trip and was wondering if I get a cheap vape pen there, can I bring it on the train through Europe or will this get me arrested? Here in the U.S., I can use a site like this to get a cheap weed vape pen so I'm hoping to find a similar site that will ship to England. But if the train will confiscate the pen or arrest me, then it's not worth it. 

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The pen itself is not illegal, but if they find it has been used for such activities they will destroy it, It's also important to remember that Europe is a continent, not one entity.

Just because there are certain EU laws does not imply that each nation is without their own, they all interpret laws for smuggling and posession etc in their own manner.

Good luck and enjoy your stay!


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