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LED Light to a small growbox???

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Hi all,

First off. Amazing to see so many passionate growers here!! For a newbie like me this is a great source of information and inspiration.

So, to my question.

What LED light would is recommended for a fairly small growbox (Wide 80cm Depth: 60cm Height: 80cm)

Quality light is key so I have been looking at both the VIPARSPECTRA VT300 300W LED Grow and VIPARSPECTRA V450 LED Grow Light)
But I am worried this will be to much wattage for the space measured above and that my plants will suffer from overlightning.

A few side notes worth mentioning:
- I will be growing with a hydropnics system (
SuperPonics 8 Hydroponic Grow System)
- I will be training my plants (LTS, ScrOG) to keep them as short as possible
- I value quality over

I would appreciate any comments on the lights listed above for this particular grow space and also other alternative LED lights that might be more suitable.


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The Led's you linked to have a true wattage of 134w and 200w so they should be ok for that space. They are 110v and not suitable for Norway. You'll need a converter.

What's your plan with the SuperPonics 8? Seems more suitable for clones.

A hydro-scrog-microgrow sounds advanced..

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It's indeed an exiting project you are embarking on here mate, and I'm really eagerly looking forward to see what you make out of it.

Some thoughts, though…

When you state your available height in the growbox is only 80cm, I guess:

You'll have problems fitting everything inside the box since the SuperPonics 8 is quite tall, and with the LED-box mounted in the upper part, there wouldn't be much room left for the plants?

The distance from the LED-box to the canopy have to be quite narrow according to your plan, and since the LED-box is build up with many different narrow-banded LEDs as spots, the buds will receive very incoherent light quality because the light gets no chance spreading out.

8 fully grown cannabis plants in the SuperPonics 8 system will not work, I think, -despite supertraining the plants (LTS, ScrOG). The will cluster up because they don't get the space they need between them and cannabis-plants are a very thirsty kind, so you will need to mix them nutrients all the time, and it's very hard to keep the balance right in such a small container with so many plants. I guess you'll only get two-three miniature plants to maybe trive in that small SuperPonics 8 box. As Ogrow pointed out: It's more suitable for clones.

Regarding those LED-boxes, the would be more than enough powerful for your setup, but the need some space to spread the light on the canopy, though…

But looking on the bright side of life, those LED-boxes will for sure work fine here in Norway on 220v/50Hz, you just have to swoop power cables, you don't need any expensive bulky converter at all.


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